Man Devises Foolproof Plan To Prevent Wife From Getting Pregnant While On Vacation

TULSA, OK – Sitting on the back deck after work Friday night, local man Ricky Reed was talking to his buddy Chester about needing a vacation.

“You know, I reckon I’m about due for a vacation,” said Reed, explaining how he wanted to try something different after taking Chester’s advice about where to go the past couple years.

“Two years ago you told me to go to Hawaii,” said Reed. “I went to Hawaii, and Darcy got pregnant.”

“Yep, I remember that,” said Chester.

“Last year, you told me to go to the Bahamas,” said Reed. “I went to the Bahamas, and Darcy got pregnant again.”

“So, what’s your plan this year?” asked Chester.

“This year, I’m taking Darcy with me,” Reed replied.


Article image Pregnant Woman by DigitalMarketingAgency, CC0 1.0.